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Driving Under The Influence or Distracted Driving?

You just got pulled over on your way home from work. You were just trying to check up on a couple of texts that came flooding in, sending your notifications of like crazy, during your evening commute. Clearly something important happened since you left the office. You weren't thinking about your driving however and turns out you were fluctuating in speeds which led the officer to believe you may have been drinking, but then they noticed the cell phone in your hand. You were hit with a hefty fine and luckily no points on your license. However, your insurance company isn’t so pleased with your choice in distracted driving.

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Tip #2 for home buyers: When to start the insurance process

We know its been a while since we chatted with you about the home buying process, but we are here today to do just that!

Last time we talked we discussed the importance of choosing an independent agent when looking to obtain a homeowner’s policy. Today, we are letting you in on our little secret to a smooth insurance transaction during the home buying process. So, sit down, buckle up and hold on tight!

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Did Someone Say... Cyber Wednesday?

For many people, they hear Cyber Insurance and think… “oh that must be for some sort of cyber-attack.”

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Garage & Towing Insurance Series...Tip #4...Insuring Your Paint Booth

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