Home Insurance Tips For A Fantastic Halloween

Halloween is here! At the Kinney Insurance Agency our communities and families seem to be settling into the beautiful fall atmosphere we have all come to love in Vermont. With the buzz in the air and still a little time to prepare for the big night we thought it would be a great time to list some of our favorite insurance tips for Halloween:

  • Verify your home insurance: This may seem like something that goes without saying but homeowners insurance is crucial when you have as many guests coming to your home as Halloween will bring. It’s easy to miss a bill or letter from the company regarding your policy and you really don’t want to find out you don’t have coverage after claim. It’s always a good idea to verify everything is good with your home insurance before an event with lots of visitors.
  • Clean and light up your entrance way: We appreciate the homeowner that goes all out with the spooky and dark decorations as much as any Halloween fan however walkways, stairs, and driveways etc. can have potential hazards that might expose you to a liability claim if someone gets hurt. Keep the path clear and well lit for guests.


  • Wear reflective gear and have a flash light while trick or treating: Similar to tip #2 there are a lot of people out and about on Halloween and it can be hard for drivers to keep track of everyone. Help them out by wearing reflective gear and using a flash light so you can be seen easier.
  • In line with #3 drive safely and slower than normal when you’re on the road: Enough said! 
  • Swap out the candles for LED’s: They may cost a little more however using an LED vs an open flame is always a good idea. It can help prevent a home fire, yard fire, or even someone getting hurt who happens to get a little too close to the flame. Besides lets face it LED’s are easier to deal with and can last for multiple years.


  • Keep your pets in a safe place: One of the most expensive liability claims we see from our Vermont home insurance clients are from animal bites. Halloween can be stressful for even the best behaved pet. There are a lot of people coming to the door, ringing the doorbell, and wearing scary costumes. It’s always a good idea to keep them in a safe room away from the craziness… they’ll thank you too!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween and can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes!

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