How to Look Good on Camera

The vast majority of us are working from home and even though we are all slowly but surely moving back into the office, some are still not quite there. This quarantine has changed that way we work and will more than likely impact our future as well. 

Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and more... have become the way we connect among our offices. Aside from the normal technical difficulties that people experience, we have all seen the videos of the on screen faux paus. This week we are talking about looking good on camera during your virtual calls! 

We met up with Jay Stearns from Accent Productions, a video production professional who has some great advice for us. Lets see what he has to say:

  1. Look professional
    • Wear a business casual outfit. Something you would wear to the office on a casual Friday
    • Make sure your hair/facial hair is presentable and professional 
  2. Avoid eating/drinking on camera 
    • This can be a distraction to others 
    • It brings unnecessary noise to the video call
  3. Well working devices
    • Most devices come with HD cameras 
    • Ensure yours is working properly prior to the call 
  4. Proper camera angle and lighting 
    • If the device is set up below eye level, prop your device up so the camera is then at eye level 
    • Do not sit with your back to a window, the picture will become back lit and the receiver will not be able to see your face 
    • Avoid having too much light on your face as it can then wash out your picture and then the receiver will not be able to see your face
    • Find a naturally lit window and set up facing it. This will bring an equally well lit light to our picture
    • If you need artificial lighting, a light ring would do just the trick! 
  5. Cutting out background noise
    • Get as close as you can to the device you are using
    • Use an external microphone, some headphones have microphones built in
  6. Backgrounds/Green screens
    • If you choose to use a background, use an appropriate background
    • Something that matches your brand. This could be a logo or just brand colors
    These are incredibly helpful pieces of advice as our society is shifting and adapting to a new normal in this COVID-19 era. We hope you find these tips useful and are able to put them to work in your next video call!

Thank you to Jay Stearns at Accent Productions for talking with us and providing us with his professional advice. If you want more tips or are looking for help on your insurance, click the link below. We'd be happy to help! 

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