Party Boats and Staying Afloat

We covered motorcycle safety and awareness, so it only makes sense that we would go over boating safety!


I am not going to waste any time… Let’s dive right in!

All state laws are different so be sure to reference yours before taking a boat out on the water for the first time.

If you haven’t taken a boating safety course yet, I highly recommend you do. Whether you’re new to boating or have been doing it for years, it is important that you know the rules of the road… or water. Safety courses are offered locally and are inexpensive.

  1. You should create and follow a pre-departure checklist. Utilizing a pre-departure checklist is a great way of ensuring that the boat is operating properly and that all the right gear is on board.
  2. Monitoring the weather is incredibly important. Checking the forecast before you head out can prevent you from ending up in a life-threatening situation.
  3. Common sense… the best practice. Operating at safe speeds, staying alert and aware of any oncoming or close vessels, especially those that appear to have restricted ability to stop or turn.
  4. Knowing whether you have the proper amount of life jackets on board and if you are using them properly.
  5. We said this in a Coffee with Kody episode… NO DRINKING AND BOATING. If you can’t drink and drive on land… why do you think this would be a good idea to do this in a boat?

These are just a few things you can do to help make your boating adventures be as safe as possible. But since we went over all these things you can do to help prevent an accident. Why not talk about insurance?

Insuring your boat is more than just helping cover the cost to replace it. Boat insurance can help cover the cost of items you have on board, damage you have done to other boats, docks or any other structures, it can help cover the costs of damages done to the boat while being hauled, and it can help cover the costs of medical expenses incurred by passengers of your boat or on another boat during an accident.

Like riding a motorcycle, things can get out of hand and out of control pretty quickly in a boat. You will want to make sure that you have all the right coverages and safety precautions in place before you head out into the open water.

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