Auto Repair Shop Video Series Tip #1...Coming At You Now!

As promised, I am delivering you tips to help make insurance simple!

Tip #1 is... contact an INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT to assist you with your insurance needs. 

Why are we asking you to do this? Well let me explain the difference between what I do, and what the Lizard on TV can do. 

The lizard is what we call, a direct writer. They only have the ability to sell the services and products that their company offers. They have one single option for you. ONE option. You are stuck with whatever package/price they give you. Working with an independent insurance agent like myself, I can offer you not one, not two, not even three, but many more options. I work with more than a dozen insurance companies that all offer various packages and prices. This allows me to customize a package that best fits you and your needs. 

I had a business owner call in one day, frustrated with their rate increases and that all of their insurance was not in one location. Since they were with a direct writer, who had limited options, they had to place their General Liability & Workers comp with different agents from their Commercial auto. It must have been incredibly confusing to deal with so many players to solve his insurance needs. This customer was incredibly smart though. Why? Because they called me, an independent agent! I was then able to guide them and provide them with all the coverage they needed under our agency. Now they only have one place to call for all of their insurance needs AND since I shopped it to multiple carriers we saved him HUNDREDS of dollars! He was able to make his insurance life so much more SIMPLE!  

Here's why this matters for your Auto business:

Auto repair and garage shops are a hot item and desired by a lot of companies that I work with. They really want to earn your business! Because we work with multiple companies we have a finger on the pulse of the marketplace and are able to stay on top of all the new unique coverages or even the changes in rates so we can help you take advantage of these changes. We can simplify your business insurance all while finding a great rate thanks to our options!  

We help Auto Industry businesses of all types everyday like this:

  • Mechanics
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Body Shops
  • Auto Dealerships (Franchise and Non-Franchise) 
  • Towing Operations 
  • Detailing Operations

We take GREAT pride in putting our clients first, and a big piece of this is being transparent about what we have proposed and what options & packages are available to you. We will make our suggestions but ultimately, this is a partnership between you and I. We are going to make that final decision together so we both are on the same page on protecting your business.  

Trust is one of the biggest keys in the relationship you have with your agent. And this partnership that we offer to you, is our way of building that relationship! 

So... If you are not already working with an independent insurance agent or you have questions, please contact me. I'd love to  help you out! 

Don't be silly... come meet your new INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT today by clicking here: 

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