Tip #2 in the Auto Repair Series… Who are we working with?

We are excited to roll out Tip #2 of our Auto Repair series... Are you ready for it?

Alright, hopefully, you already listened to our first tip and called us here at the Kinney Insurance Agency to work with an independent agent (Tip #1 is... contact an INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT). With Tip #2 we are discussing what types of Automotive business owners could use this coverage and what this coverage includes.

First off, we fully get the grind that goes into owning your own business like an Auto Garage. You're likely balancing the day to day operations of the business and trying to wear the other 16 hats that go along with being a business owner... oh... and trying to keep up with demands of your customers! It can be crazy! Here's the thing...

What if in all of that craziness something unexpected happens? For example, a customer of ours recently called in when his car lift gave way out of nowhere and damaged the vehicle that was on it. A dangerous situation for sure! Thankfully, no one was nearby when it happened. There was extensive damages to the vehicle, lift, and some equipment that was nearby at the time. Put yourself in our clients' shoes for a second do you know how your insurance would respond? Or if you own a dealership what if one of your vehicles on your lot was in a collision?

Stop guessing about your policy and let us do the work. We specialize in all things automotive.  

Here are the types of Automotive Businesses we work with:

  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Towing & Recovery Operations
  • Body Shops 
  • Mechanics
  • Auto Dealerships (Franchise and Non-Franchise)

Okay, now that you know the types of businesses we can work with. As we said in Tip # 1, we have a wide variety of carriers that offer the coverage that will better protect you and your business. Let’s discuss some of the coverages.

Coverages we can offer for your Automotive Business:

  • Garage Keepers
    • Protects your customer’s auto or auto equipment that has been left in your care, custody, and control for service or repair work
  • Mechanics Errors & Omissions 
    • Protects you as the business owner and your mechanics for any faulty work. This provides coverage for damages either property or bodily injury, due to the faulty work
  • Commercial Liability 
    • Protection against liability claims for bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations
  • Commercial Auto 
    • Protection for commercial vehicles that are involved in a collision or are stolen, vandalized, or damaged. It provides coverage for property damage, bodily injury and medical payments
  • Workers Compensation
    • Provides accident insurance that is paid by the employer should the employee be injured during work hours

These coverages are vital pieces to your operations, regardless of the type of Auto Repair business you are running. We are here to provide you with the education, tools, and service to better protect you and your business. Ideally, your insurance policies should be the last thing on your mind and the piece of your business that is giving you the least amount of headache. There is more to saving with insurance than just the monetary aspects. Working with us, we will make sure you are paired with the right carrier, an insurance package that best suits your business and meets the needs of your budget.

Our goal is to put your business first. Let us help you ease those late-night business worries.

Now... you clearly think we are doing something right if you hung around for Tip #2... let's keep making things simple for you and click below:

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