Tip #6 for home buyers: Can I still get insurance if I have a swimming pool?

As we begin wrapping up this home buyer series, we want to urge you to come to us with other home buying topics that you may be interested in still learning more about. in the meantime, lets think about all of the topics we have talked about so far:

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Tip #2: When to start the insurance process

Tip #3: Insuring your home to value

Tip #4: When to bundle your insurance 

Tip #5: Updates that can save you money on your insurance

This week, we are talking about those fun, refreshing and cool things in your backyard... YOUR POOL! 

That's right, we are going over swimming pools and debunking those myths about people not being able to insure their homes if they have a pool in the back yard. 

Can it be more difficult to insure your home if you have a pool? Sure, but this rings true for many situations when it comes to insuring your home. Our favorite word as insurance agents... IT DEPENDS. Every situation and home is different which is why some people may not have any issue insuring their home with a pool while others may run into trouble. 

Insurance companies vary in their desires and guidelines. Some are okay with above-ground pools and some are not. One may be okay with an in-ground pool that has a water slide and diving board while another will take the in-ground pool but not the other enhancements. 

Here are a few questions that we may ask to determine which insurance company would be the best fit for your home. 

1. Is the pool in-ground or above-ground?

2. If its an above-ground pool, is there a detachable ladder?

3. If the above-ground pool is attached to a deck, is there fencing around it and is there a self-latching gate to prevent small children from wondering in to the pool unattended?

4. For in-ground pools, the same fencing and gate questions apply. 

Insuring a home with a pool isn't difficult. In some cases it requires us to do some fact finding and in some other cases it may require that you put some safety precautions in place. At the end of the day insurance companies just want to be sure that someone is not going to unexpectedly fall into the pool and get hurt. Totally reasonable!  

We want to make sure that your home is properly covered to help protect you in the event of an insurance claim. Pools can be a huge liability but with the correct safety precautions in place like, self-latching gates, fencing and detachable ladders, can significantly help you when looking to insurance your home. 

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