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Tip #2 for home buyers: When to start the insurance process

We know its been a while since we chatted with you about the home buying process, but we are here today to do just that!

Last time we talked we discussed the importance of choosing an independent agent when looking to obtain a homeowner’s policy. Today, we are letting you in on our little secret to a smooth insurance transaction during the home buying process. So, sit down, buckle up and hold on tight!

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Choosing the Independent Agent... Tip #1 in the Home Buying Series

Joe's offer on a house was just accepted by a seller and BOOM he's under contract. Exciting! 

As part of his loan Joe knows he needs to get home insurance so he goes to the guy that kind of looks like… well no… IS A LIZARD to get and insurance quote online.

Joe gets a quote to insure his home but he's shocked to see that the premium came back way higher then was estimated in his lending documents provided by his mortgage company putting his entire loan at risk.  

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Home Buying Video Series... Rolling out to you now!

Home buyers! This video series is for you! Every year at the Agency we work with hundreds of clients who are in the middle of the process of buying a new home. It's a passion of ours to help solve the important but often neglected insurance piece of that buying process. We love streamlining things and making it as painless as possible for you to hear those beautiful words. "Clear to close!"   

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