What Cyber Security Precautions Should Business & Employees Be Taking

A couple of weeks back we did a video on how the risk of a cyber attack has now increased tremendously as employees for many businesses are now working from home. 

This topic deserves a bit of a deeper dive for both employees and business owners. Please, join me in this week's educational moment! 

Are you working from home?

This alone can be a huge adjustment and it has been for many of us here at the Kinney Insurance Agency. I am sure that for many employers this has been one of the most difficult adjustments. The lack of face-to-face meetings with staff members and not being able to gauge the progress of tasks/projects has got to be challenging. Something that you may not be thinking about is the risk you are placing on your employer as you move home to work. 

We have a few suggestions that we feel will help reduce the risk of a cyber attack. These are simple adjustments that you will make but huge improvements to the cyber integrity of the business. 

Need to use a public network?
  • Connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a buffer between the Wi-Fi connection and the device being used. Data being transmitted over the VPN is encrypted which will help protect the device from being tampered and intercepted.
  • Utilization of Two-Step Authentication. For example, when logging into a site on your laptop you may be prompted to verify your credentials by using your mobile device. This makes it harder for hackers to access the devices or accounts without knowing personal information. 
Is personal use of laptops okay? And where is it okay to leave mine?

Though this may be common knowledge that personal use of your work laptop/device is not appropriate, this is even more important now that employees are at home. Children and spouses now have easy access to your devices and could leave the devices at risk for a cyber attack. You should kindly inform your family members that the device is not for anyone else's use and that is strictly for work. 

While most of us are stuck at home right now, there will be times where we leave the house or office with our laptops/devices. What happens when we leave the laptop/device in a unlocked car? Physical security of the laptop/device is just as important as the cyber protections you can put in place. 

Lastly, when working from home you will want to protect any sensitive information you have around you regarding work. For example, if you have client information up on the screen, such as billing, and your spouse walks into the room you should power down the monitor or remove that screen from their view. This private information that no one other than you should have access to in your home. If you have hard copies, be sure to shred them when done and keep them filed away in a locked cabinet when you are not using them. 

Help ease your employer's mind while everyone is home working. Be cautious and smart about what you do and how you use your work laptop/device. 

Business Owners do you have a Cyber Liability Insurance policy?

Real simple a cyber liability policy is designed to step up and help with cyber attacks like phising, data breaches, and other hacks that occur. A lot of business don't think about the risk and the potential expense not having cyber insurance could cost them. It's usually not that they are ignoring the threat it's that they aren't aware just how big of risk it has become. 

With a cyber insurance policy you'll have an added layer of protection against hackers trying to exploit your business. Some of the benefits of a cyber insurance policy are:

  • Data Breach Coverage: Covers the expense of having to notify affected parties if you have had a breach
  • Business Interruption: Steps up and b=provides coverage to loss of income should a cyber attack bring your business down. 
  • Cyber Extortion Defense: If a hacker demands a ransom to release your network or data from a attack.
  • Legal Support: If you experience a cyber attack there will need a legal team to help get you back in business.

These are just a few of the benefits. Here's the thing in the grand scheme a cyber policy isn't that expensive for the coverage you are getting. If you don't have one or aren't sure if you have coverage reach out to us to discuss: Request a cyber quote  

In the meantime be safe and stay healthy, everyone! 

The Kinney Team