What Exactly Is An Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents are boring people who sit behind a desk and study policies all day long. 


NO!! That is not who we are. Sure we know a little too much about insurance (Ok, fine we are NERDs about insurance). And yes, it can be very boring to unlicensed people. However, we get to interact with unique individuals all day long. 

In our case here at the Kinney Insurance Agency, we are what is called an "Independent Insurance Agent." We represent not one, but multiple insurance companies. This allows us to provide you, our client, with the best possible options that not only fit your coverage needs but also will work best with your budget. 

No two clients are the same. And that is what makes this job so much fun. 

Customer A has your basic home and auto policy. No pets, no violations, no claim history, and a recently updated home. 

Customer B has had a couple of vehicular accidents and their dog unfortunately has a bite history. This can make finding an affordable policy with good coverage sort of challenging. 

Customer C has a main street retail store, not a ton of inventory and just a couple of employees. Their policy isn't overly complicated and the risk is minimal. 

Customer D has a main street store but there are a couple of restaurants in the same building, They also sell craft beverages and submitted a theft claim last year. This customer's policy could be very challenging to place with a company while still providing them with an affordable price. 

Customers A&B both are providing us with the same type of businesses, but when presented with the facts... they are VERY DIFFERENT. Same goes for customers C&D. 

Insurance Agents represent the client and the company. We are the essentially the go-between. We are always looking out for our clients' best interests, but also we want to make sure that we match our companies with the right clients

Okay, so we are like a dating service... we are insurance matchmakers! 

Do you want to try our matchmaking service? Click the link below to get your free matchmaking recommendation!