Own a rental property? Don't let your investment go up in smoke

Rental Property Insurance

Vermont landlords and investment property owners probably already know they need to be concerned with both their Liability protection and protecting the building they have invested in. A key but often overlooked thing rental property owners need to keep in mind is protecting the business income that their rental units produce. 

As a rental property owner in Vermont both your property and your rental income are at risk should a fire (or any potential claim) happen to your building. Imagine one of your tenants happens to have a small kitchen fire (or worse, a large one!) and suddenly you can no longer rent your unit for months while it is under repair. Suddenly you can be looking at significant loss of income while your building is unoccupied. Not an ideal situation. 

Thankfully there are options to protect your investment property and the income it produces through rental property insurance. Here's the real surprising piece: landlord insurance is surprisingly inexpensive! 

On one policy we can protect your rental unit for:

  1. Its Building Property (as well as any personal property you may keep onsite)
  2. Liability Protection
  3. Business Income
  4. Ordinance and Law (Coverage all unit owners need to protect against the potential costs of bringing a building up to Vermont's current code laws. For example: Sprinkler systems. This is very important for older buildings)

You've worked hard to acquire and build your rental property portfolio. Let our rental property insurance experts help you properly protect it. 

Why us? We have multiple companies who LOVE rental properties and can provide you with multiple options. Since we'll quote you with multiple insurance companies you can be sure you got the BEST price for the coverage you need

We have great options for all types of rentals:

  • Single Family Rental Units (or up to 4 units) 
  • Multi Family Rental Units  (4 Units and Up!)
  • Short Term Rentals (Airbnb and VRBO)
  • Long Term Rentals

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